Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kenzoki Chilly Foaming Cleanser

In summer I began using the Kenzoki by Kenzo Chilly Foaming cleanser. It had been on my radar awhile but can only be ordered online, so it took some time for me to actually get one. The cleanser is part of the Energizing/Bamboo Leaf line tailored towards normal to oily skin .

It has now become a favorite. It really gets the oil off . In summer I am massive oily, but even with fall here, it's much the same. Using this, skin is very clean but I never feel dry or stripped after using it. It also has a nice, fresh scent thats a bit herbal tea like.

The cleanser is a gel and you don't need a lot . It lathers up only a little despite being called "foaming" , but gets the job done.

The whole Kenzoki line is intriguing , using many plant extracts and having aromatherapeutic qualities. I have also tried and liked the Nightwatcher Detoxifying Serum, a nice nightime treatment for oily skin . It's light but adds a bit of moisture and like the cleanser, is a gel .

Cleanser -$ 28.00 for 5.1 oz
Nightwatcher $ 60.00 for 1.7 oz

You can shop online in US at http://www.kenzousa.com/ Worldwide site http://www.kenzoki.com/

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