Wednesday, October 21, 2009

La Mer for BCA Month

Everyone loves La Mer. Even I love La Mer although most of the time it's too rich for my oily skin. Yes it has hype and I once wondered, is it all that ? It is.

La Mer not only plumps, smooths and moisturizes, it heals burns or cracked noses after a cold. It does it all but repair the car engine.

So if you are a La Mer fan and it's time to stock up or maybe you've been waiting to try it, ( after all it doesn't come with an inexpensive price tag) now is the time. La Mer participates in BCA month by making a donation of $ 30, 000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation . The cream comes in a pink box to mark this month as well. for more info.

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the movie mommy said...

La Mer sounds like something I might like. I like the thing about healing minor skin irritations like cracked noses from blowing.