Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Glamour Squad Weekly Reads

I've joined up with some fellow, fab bloggers to be part of The Glamour Squad. To start we are each posting a group of the best posts from the week. As time goes on, look for more .

Butterflydiary gives you all sorts of pink beauty coolness by dishing on Breast Cancer Awareness friendly buys.

Beauty Junkies Unite shares the fab new Fall colors from Essie's "Cuddle With Color" nail polish collection.

Diva Debbi gives her unvarnished opinion on mascaras, and why she adores L'Oreal's Telescopic

Clumps of Mascara heads to the Artist Summit in Miami and dishes on her fave products.

The Beauty Alchemist tells you if CoverGirl's Outlast Lip Stains are all that -- and then some.

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