Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Vaseline Sheer Infusion

Winter is coming and new lotions are out as well. Vaseline has new Sheer Infusion. The breakthrough according to the company is the Stratys 3 patented moisturizer, which goes deeper into the skin than just the first layer most lotions do.

The lotion itself is not heavy or greasy. Vaseline mentions that you get a silky feel using this and you sort of do. There is no tackiness, or leftover lotion feeling. It sinks in fast and a nice smoothness is left to the skin.

I didn't feel as though I was getting a lot more moisture than others , but it certainly does the job of moisturizing. If it's getting to more of my dry skin, thats good. Each variety has little to no scent as well. Just a hint, so if you are looking for something mainly unscented , this is good. I liked the Vitamin Burst best as it has some citrus smell.

There 3 types:Botanical Blend, Vitamin Burst, and Mineral Renewal.

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