Sunday, May 1, 2011

Caswell-Massey Natural Bath Soaps

Luxury bath soaps are a special treat anytime. As it happens Mother's Day is almost here and  they make a great gift for mom.

Caswell-Massey has a new Naturals  luxury line  consisting of five new scents :Lemon Verbena, Lavender &Violet, Oatmeal, Fresh Cut Flowers and Ocean.

The come individually, but you want really want, gift wise, is the 3 box set. It's presented in a  sturdy box  and color matched to the soap inside

The Natural line soaps  all have ingredients of  shea butter, glycerin, Vitamin E as well as an organic vegetable base and are free of  parabens, phthalates, lauryl and laureth sulfates.   The colors are derived from beet juice and plant chlorophyll.

They  are  triple milled,  very large and have strong scent.   I've been using some  as room scent , just left out with the wrapping still on and let me tell you they have throw. 

The two scents I've tried are Lavender-Violet  which is soft, mainly lavender with a hint of woodsy violet, and Fresh Cut Flowers, a lush bouquet of tuberose, rose and green notes . Fresh Cut Flowers really smells like fresh flowers right out  of the florist. It's my favorite.   I am thinking the Lemon Verbena must be wonderful as well.

Caswell-Massey is available at  and  also at all Neiman Marcus stores.

The set of three soaps is $ 40.00

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