Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Venus Pro Skin Razor

The new Venus Pro Skin  is the kind of razor you can use without shaving cream . It gives you that much moisture due to  it's  "moisture rich" infused shave bars that surround the triple blade. The shave isn't quite as close due  to that moisture, but your legs  feel but soothed and soft. never  irritated ,.  A bonus to the moisture shave bars - I have a feeling they'll be easier on self tanner wear  than a more close  shave.

Venus  Pro Skin also has a strong fresh scent, is lightweight in the  hand, comes with 2 cartridges and shower hook.

Available now at mass market outlets.

You can find lots more info on shaving and Venus products  at Goddess Central from Venus.

*Product sent by PR for independent review

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