Friday, May 27, 2011

Dr. Scholl's Women's Wonder Sandals

After writing these up for my Lucky Alpha Shoppers page , I thought I'd share here too.

These very cute ( I think) sandals  are from Dr. Scholls. Yes the Dr. Scholls of wooden sandals of yore ( still available, too).  Hey they even have a wood like heel. But these are right on trend , not what you think of with Dr. Scholl's , right ? I never would have guessed the brand without the signage. You can see a thick cushioned footbed there and that's what sets these apart, making for comfort and style.

I haven't bought these- yet. The sandal list is long  so I'm still deciding, but since I originally saw them in April and they are still on my mind, it's looking more and more like a purchase.

Called Women's Wonder  and at DSW for $ 59.95 and also at where there are quite a few other stylish but comfy options.

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