Sunday, May 1, 2011

Get the Royal Wedding Look - Carolee Earrings

When Kate Middleton walked down the aisle  Friday to become The Duchess of Cambridge she wore a lovely pair of diamond earrings. A gift from her parents, hers are oak leaves with a dangling acorn, though it's hard to see the details.

 Kate ( or her parents) chose wisely. The earring are just right for a wedding look. More than just a simple stud  which would get lost  and pale next to the dress and tiara, but not so big as to overtake the look from the  face or dress. A little dangle and subtle flash.

It's a look any bride can get and Carolee has the perfect pair.   These earring have a small dangle and while not an acorn, a  center pear shaped crystal stone. Just like Kate's, they are more than basic, but less than showy.

 What's nice is the price at $ 36.00 and knowing that you are buying a piece of jewelry that should last years. I have  Carolee pieces dating back to the late 80s that look as new as ever. Some were very unique and large so not worn a lot, but other got more use.  It's always been a line  for quality and there is a wide selection that not just bridal but also for anyone  looking for solid costume jewelry.

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