Friday, May 6, 2011

MAC Skinsheen Bronzing Sticks from Surf Baby

MAC summer is finally here. Always one of  my favorites. Many nice products in Surf Baby but I was most anticpating the Skinsheen Bronzing Sticks ( along with the return of SunTints).

Skinsheen sticks are new , LE , and come in three shades.  These are very dark as you can see by my image .  The third shade  I don't have but is  darker yet per MAC's images.  Shown left is Tan Tint and right is Billionaire Bronze.

These  blend well and down  less dark, but they still  are pretty deep. The pigment is rich, as is the formula. These are emollient and creamy, although no moisturizing ingredients are listed.  They also really last and seem like they will hold up even underwater.

Tan Tint , the lightest shade does work on my pale skin. (I am not super pale, but usually one shade darker than the palest in foundations. )  It looks  a little deep on me but not  bad, really . I do wish one thing, that these had shimmer.  They are not matte but close.

 Overall I do like them and if you have a darker skintone then you will really win with these. They remind naturally of NARS Mulitples, but have a very different feel to them.  At $ 29.50 they are also less expensive than Multiples.

MAC Surf Baby along with Skinsheen Bronzing Sticks are on counter May 26.

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