Thursday, May 19, 2011

Clarins UV Plus HP SPF 40 Day Screen

 Summer is approaching and stockpiling on sunscreen is happening.  Last week I did  a whole post on sunscreen ingredients and how  I would be looking for the best in physical sunblocks.

New is Clarins  UV Plus HP SPF 40 ( Note * this  is a revamp of a previous product of almost the same name). Last summer Clarins brought out the  Bright Plus HP line  and I used Bright Plus HP Intensive Serum and Bright Plus HP SPF 20 Day Lotion most days. They did a great job and were perfect for my oily skin. Serum at night, SPF for day.

UV Plus is  even  better for oily skin.  This goes on light, sinks in pretty fast and leaves skin matte  with no white cast .  This is one of the  very few things I dare to use on my T- Zone. Obviously I need sunscreen there but I am loathe to use much beyond my matte foundation because it's so oily.  I want SPF but  not acne. The Clarins hasn't been an issue so far  and has made a good makeup base.  There is little moisture here and for me it's all I need. You may need to apply moisturizer over it .

UV Plus is a physical block with 8.1 % titanuim dioxide, no oils and 100% mineral filters as well as Cantaloupe Melon Extract for antioxidant benefits.

The bottle is a nice  enough size ( 1.7 oz at $ 38.00) to last awhile. One might not make the whole summer but should go for a couple months. You don't need a lot of it as it blends out well.

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