Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lancome Ô d' Azur and Ô de L'Orangerie

For summer Lancome has added  two lovely scents as companions to it's longtime fragrance  Ô de Lancome. The original Ô was created in 1969 and is a light chypre that  is  fresh, and green with hints of citrus.  All of the Ô scents are meant to be "eaus", great to accommodate hot days with their freshness .

The two new scents  Ô   d' Azur and Ô de L'Orangerie are  more of this era and both have citrus at their hearts.  Ô de Azur was actually  released in Europe last year I believe, but is now on counters in the US.

Ô d'Azur is is brimming with citrus ( and citrus that lasts long no less) but also has a feel of warm breezes with some light woods notes and a  very light touch of rose . The top notes are Sicilian bergamot and Calabria lemon essence and  are there right off  as you spray. All the notes come together at the drydown  though, so while the citrus  lingers, it's not simply a lemon scent.

Ô d' Azur  lasts hours on me, staying fairly close to the skin but still giving off  nice light sillage. Since I've gotten this I have worn it almost each day. As a citrus lover  it's very me and the fact that I can get hours of wear makes it one I will reach for often.

Ô de L'Orangerie is the newest and will officially launch in June as a limited edition.

It's a very straightforward orange/orange blossom perfume and if those are notes you love , than you will love Ô de L'Orangerie. I have always been partial to orange blossom myself and find this to be as pretty as many of my other favorites.  Beyond the orange zest , orange blossom essential oil  and absolute, other notes are jasmine , cedar and benzoin. While those last two notes are there for grounding, they are not overly present. This is all about the sunny white floral  that's just a tiny bit indolic  and also a bit sweet.

All the Ô de Lancome fragrances are $ 55.00 for 2.5 oz and come in a newly designed, very pretty bottle that has some reminiscence of the original  Ô bottle.

Ô de Lancome and Ô d' Azur are available now.

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