Friday, May 20, 2011

Kate Somerville 360°™ Tanning Towelettes

Kate Somerville's Tan Towelettes have been one of those things we've all seen on QVC many times as a big seller. Maybe you've bought them , a  lot of people have. But not me. I now know the error of my ways.

I use self tanners a  lot, all summer really and into autumn. I have never really went much for the towel types  until I tried the Somerville ones. I got one of the most even tans and the longest lasting tan  ever. The self tan from these towelettes last easily twice as long as any other self tanner I've used.  The Mom, even more into self tanning than I, tried one, and said to me did you notice how long these last ? 

The towellette  itself is a good size and has a lot of product. You can easily cover all of you with one . I still made sure to really go over all areas and blend well with the towel overlapping any areas I thought might need it.  Drying time was pretty fast and there was very little self tan odor.  The tan was deep but not dark . Perfect for me as I want color, not just a tint.

These are a bit more pricey than many other self tanning lines out there but I have to say with the extra wear time it can be worth it. I plan to keep some handy  for those special occasion times  or trips.  A pre short vacation  use  would  mean your tan would last the whole  trip depending on how much time  you spent in water. But these are also very easily packed for a top up.

Besides QVC, Kate Somerville Tanning Towelettes are available at Available at , select  Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Sephora, Space NK and Space NK UK

A box of  8 individual towelettes is $ 48.00 or on the brands website you can buy one for $ 6.00.

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Kelly Varela said...

I've always used tanning lamps and tanning bulbs because they're reliable, but these definitely look interesting and easy to take to the beach or out!