Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Diane Von Furstenberg's New Perfume- Diane

One upon a time almost everyone or their mother had a Diane Von Furstenberg  perfume on the vanity- Tatiana . Named for her daughter it was a  big, beautiful floral. I am quite sure  The Mom still has a bottle somewhere.

DVF was huge then and her perfume even bigger. There was also a killer makeup line and more fragrances. Then the luster faded some, the perfume was around but not as big a deal and we didn't hear as much about Diane. 10 years ago or so her star rose high again, deservedly so. She's a force in the fashion world not just for herself but others.  And now we have a new fragrance from her - Diane.

A few details emerged this week via WWD on the scent which will not launch until October. What I've read gives me great hope. First off it's created by Aurelien Guichard,  well loved among the perfume fan base and the mastermind behind such greats as Bond No 9 Chinatown and Robert Piguet's revamped Visa and new Futur and Calypso fragrances.  Also the two notes ,or elements as she calls them , that Diane stressed the scent have are frangipani and violet. Since I love those two  notes very much, this is sounding good.

DVF says she wants a fragrance that is " powerful and seductive, without being aggressive"  and to be able to put " the power of wome in a bottle" . The scent is considered a woody floral.

In the US look for it at Bloomies, Sephora and Nordstrom exclusively this fall.

All info and top image:WWD
Tatiana image: Fragrantica.com

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