Thursday, February 19, 2009

Badgley Mischka Couture- New Perfume

Badgley Mischka's newest scent Badgley Mischka Couture is making it's introduction today, but I got a sniff in last week .

The first fragrance from the designing duo was a beautiful elegant floral. The Couture version is equally elegant but a floriental.

The perfume started off with a hint of Angel lite on me, no not as strong as that one, but with some hint of those notes, it then began drying down into the oriental notes and also blackberry being very prominent. There is a good bit of fruit here for a floriental but it's not too sweet. It's all balanced nicely. Sillage is medium and it lasts well. Floriental's usually do. It comes also in a parfum elixir that I very much want to try next.

The bottle for this is simply gorgeous and looks wonderful on the vanity . A little old fashioned and very luxe.

The designers were inspired by the feeling a woman gets when she slips on a couture gown- sexy. alluring, confident. The new fragrance they say, embodies their passion for making women feel beautiful .

Full notes :
Opens with accents of rich, sensual Purple Plum and Blackberry, with a touch of fresh Pear Nectar.

Creamy notes of lush Jasmine, voluptuous Gardenia and Violet are woven through the fragrance to create a feminine, floral blend.

Sensual Musks, and Creamy Woods leave a lasting, indulgent impression

Eau de Parfum Spray 1.7 fl. oz/50ml $65.00
Eau de Parfum Spray 3.4 fl. oz/100ml $90.00
Parfum Elixir 0.5 fl. oz/15ml $48.00
Body Moisturizer 6.8 fl. oz/200ml $42.00
Body Cream 6.7oz/195 ml/ 190g $ 70.00


Anonymous said...

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best regard

pheromones attract women said...

I love to have different kind of perfumes for every occasion, I think the perfume determine our personality. Keep posting!


Anonymous said...

I am almost out of this perfume and realized that I cannot find it for sale anywhere. Do you suggest a similar scent. I am so sad. It has been a favorite of mine for a while. Thank you!

Beauty Alchemist said...

Anon- There is a new Chanel coming, Coco Noir that might be one you would like. Also try Perfume where they have some on sale.