Monday, February 9, 2009

C -Thru Fragrances Ruby Giveaway

Valentines Day is coming and I have a gift for you. Yes , no matter what your love life is like on this Valentines's Day , you could still end up with a gift.

I have one 2.5 oz Ruby fragrance from the C-Thru line to give away.

I will announce the winner on Feb. 15 th at noon.
You have until 11Pm Feb. 14th to enter. Good Luck.

C-Thru launched in Wal Mart stores only back in late November. Now they have a new interactive website and are in Kohls and Target stores as well. The website includes finding which Gem you are, and another contest of their own .

Here's what I said when I first tried them in my Dec. 20 post:
"Ruby- Peach, Rose, and Vanilla.
Blue Opal- my favorite of the 3, a slightly aquatic floral. Watermelon and Lilac.
Purple Diamond-blackcurrant, jasmine. It also has a tinge of musk to my nose and the blackcurrant is very prominent."

From C-Thru:

"The website is in collaboration with the launch of the women’s fragrance, C-THRU. A fragrance concept designed to pay tribute to individual personalities with signature colors and scents.

The C-THRU fragrances include: Ruby, Blue Opal , and Purple Diamond .

As visitors log on to they will be enveloped in beautiful imagery of Ruby, Blue Opal and Purple Diamond gems. The C-THRU website features models of different ethnicities and cultures celebrating all young women.

Additional highlights of the Web site include the “Personality Quiz,” “Meet Dawn Russell” section and the “You’re a Gem” contest.

-“Find You” Personality Quiz: Discover your personality facets and the C-THRU fragrance that suits your mood – today, tomorrow and beyond with a C-THRU fragrance reading. Through a series of personalized questions and intriguing images C-THRU will qualitatively interpret which scent reflects “the real you.” The quiz will educate, inspire and redefine the way consumers experience the "art and science of fragrance."

-Meet Dawn Russell: C-THRU Fragrances partnered with Dawn Russell, a Lady in England, to support her work to promote empowerment and self-confidence in youth today. Russell, at age 25, was diagnosed with stage III cancer and survived. Russell teaches young women nationwide about how to find strength in themselves to fight their social, physical or emotional struggles.

-You’re a Gem: Seventeen magazine and have partnered to introduce the “You’re a Gem” contest. Visitors can enter for a chance to win blue topaz earrings, a ruby necklace, or diamond and amethyst stackable rings. Participants are asked to write a short essay on how their unique personality helped them to achieve the impossible, overcome adversity or help out a friend.

The “You’re a Gem Contest”, ends February 28th.

Contest Rules:
-Prize will be shipped directly by the the Estee Lauder companies.
-Winner agrees by entering ,that if they win their name and address will be given to the shipping company.
- Winners from US only and over 18. ( sorry )
- The Beauty Alchemist is not responsible for lost or incomplete entries, shipping of your prize, any damage to prize incurred during shipping.
- Winner will be picked randomly.
- I will announce winner on Feb. 15th. Winner has 5 days to come forward before I will need to pick a new winner.

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