Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lancome La Laque Fever Lipshine

Lancome has a hot new lipcolor out called La Laque Fever. Sounds racy and french doesn't it ? What it is , is gorgeous-ness . Fever , you give me fever.

La Laque Fever is made to be a lasting lip gloss. Lancome says up to 6 hours. I got 3 hours out of mine , that was with snacking( tortilla chips) and drinking. At around that 3 hour mark I still had more than half the lipshine on and plenty of shimmer.
I applied later in the day , so can't say how all day wear is yet.(this did better than many long last ones I've tried & without that dry, tacky feel)

Ok, so what else makes this special? It's very thick, more lipstick than gloss but comes with the bent wand applicator of the Color Fever glosses. I like this wand but know many don't. It really does make precise application much easier. The lipshine goes on like a dream, has great pigment, shimmer( in the shade I have at least) and makes your lips look full. It feels great on with a hint of moisturizing, looks great and does last well. It just feels very glam.

The colors shown in my swatches are Plum Savvy and Neutral Currant. Now the funny thing with the packaging here is that you need to actually swatch the lippie. Do not look at the band of color on the tube as it's totally different. I think that band is to represent color family. So my Plum Savvy which is a medium rosy plum, has a fuschia band on the tube.

Plum Savvy is a great neutral rosey lip and Neutral Currant is a bronze/brown with a hint of currant in there. It is also a medium shade. Both have shimmer.

There is a wide range of shades, so go check them out. They sell for 26.00 and are the perfect treat for yourself.


Miss Kolleen said...

i love their hot pink one!

Anonymous said...

Lancome makes the most amazing lip colors...