Sunday, February 15, 2009

Vincent Longo & Ted Gibson at Vena Cava

There are so many highlights to going to fashion week, but one big one was seeing makeup maestro Vincent Longo in action at the Vena Cava show/presentation. Longo doesn't do too many shows himself, so when the opportunity came to see him I grabbed it. Uber hairstylist and really nice guy Ted Gibson was there as well. Both were doing the show via

Can I say Ted Gibson was the first backstage person who ever said " I'm sorry but I have to run". No one is rude, but if they have to go, they just go. After all they are unbelievably busy and on a deadline. Gibson was nice and fun. He did rockin' hair too. A very modern 80s high on top, slicked back at ears look that I love.

Longo created the eye look using this hot orange shade from the Aquila quad ( I have to have this now, have to) and Silky Liquid Shadow in Orange. After many shows with a nude or muted eye this color was not only refreshing but just beautiful. I couldn't stop swooning over it. Black eyeliner was layered over it and nice big lashes. As for lashes, the model pictured- those lashes are her own. Yes no falsies. All hers, unreal.

Longo also "thickened and contoured the brows to frame the face, and finished the look with a natural lip and matte, porcelain complexion"

I've got some images of the clothes at Vena Cava as well. The models were posed atop an art installation made of crushed CDs. It looked like mica sparkles. What really caught my eye were the shoes. Vena Cava does shoes for Via Spiga and since I adore any shoe with studs I am totally into both the ladies brogues( Brogues with studs? who knew? ) and the boots.

Butter London previewed a deep Forest Green nail polish that everyone raved over. It will be part of the fall line.
Lastly I have shots of the tables backstage to give you a good look at what products were used and how it looks back there. Can I say how badly I want to play with all makeup?

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