Monday, February 2, 2009

Kushyfoot Legwear

As Fashion Week nears again, it means lots of time spent standing on a flagstone floor, ( the Bryant Park tents really are over the park, the actual stone park walkways to be exact ,with little to no carpeting)I thought that maybe I should share one of my tricks to keeping feet as comfy as possible on days like that.

I've been wearing Kushyfoot trouser socks and knee highs for years. When I first got them it was at some department store outlet. They were hard to find and I stocked up. Now most drugstores carry them.

Each foot has a little wavy massaging sole in it . It isn't too thick but really does help make feet withstand long days standing or walking much better. I love them . I use insoles sometimes, but some shoes don't fit well with an insole. The Kushyfoots are super comfy. The fabric is shiny , much like a silky sheer knee high would be, so they look pretty good as well.

The line has footwear of all kinds according to their website. There are foot covers, athletic socks, opaque tights and more.

The website describes the soles as-

"The unique pattern of the sole massages your feet as you walk. The sole works by providing extra comfort through its padded and wavy design, which provides you with with a cushion between your bare feet and the hard soles of your shoes. The special pattern provides compression to your sole, particularly beneath the balls of your feet, which are known to get the most abuse from walking, exercising, and all activities that require you to be standing. "

"The result is a feeling of getting a constant foot massage with every step, while the sole stimulates particular reflex points in your body, namely your shoulders, lungs, liver, stomach, and sciatic area to name a few."

It's been awhile since I bought any and I need new ones. Rite Aid this week is having them buy 1 get 1 free, so I'll be there. I am not certain what retail is , but it's around 4.00 per pair. If you are on your feet a lot, these are a must.

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Ani Basmacioglu said...

Dear Beauty Alchemist, thanks for your comments. I work at Kushyfoot and we're glad to know that our socks have kept you comfortable. Currently we're running a promotion which offers $10 off any $30 order when you buy online. Just enter the promo code Feet10G at checkout and take advantage of this great offer, PLUS free shipping!
We always love to hear from our loyal Kushyfoot wearers so let us know your thoughts! Thanks.