Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pantene Tutorial Video

Do any of you remember when Pantene was ultra high end and only sold in department stores ? It was a really long tome ago, the early 80s I guess. I remember seeing ads in Vogue and such and even though I was pretty young at the time, I wanted that shampoo. I mean it was in Vogue, right ? It was approx. 20.00 then, so not in the cards.

Well Pantene is still in Vogue but we know them as a drugstore brand. It's been awhile since I used Pantene, but last winter I was in dire need of shampoo and grabbed a bottle of their Clarifiying. I was pretty happy with how it worked. Definitley at the top of the drugstore brands. Now I have fairly easy hair, what do those of you with dry or damaged hair think?

In these hard economic times, more and more women are going to be looking for more budget friendly haircare( and more).

Pantene recently announced that their new advanced formulas performed as well as salon brands in tests, among 70% of women( 3600) sampled. You;ve seen this in the new Stacy London commercials.

To learn more about these results, you can visit or

They also have some good videos out, and this one shows a pretty easy , at home do-able, way of getting loose waves in your hair. So enjoy and maybe get inspired.

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miss theresa :) said...

I've always loved Pantene! Even though it's a drugstore brand, it has really good items! It never fails to amaze me, except for their sheer volume hair spray. It has definitely made my once frizzy hair into the silky hair you seen on ads [: