Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pantene Nature Fusion Hair Care

Pantene has brought out the Nature Fusion Hair care line in Moisture Balance and Smooth Vitality.

A more natural approach to haircare at the drugstore level, there are the two lines to suit most hair types.

Pantene has always been one of the better drugstore brands and it's nice to see them thinking more natural. It helps that these are really good products. I have the Moisture Balance shampoo and conditioner. I liked it and felt it did a great job of cleansing without weighing down and it has a great smell. More so, when I was telling the Mom about it, she decided she wanted to try it. Now Mom has double processed , fine hair thats not too dry and is very into volume. She rarely wavers from her main Nexxus shampoo, whether for another high end one or drugstore. Her hair is fussy and so then is she with it. Well she loved this. She got some volume, and her hair had plenty of body. No heaviness, no over moisture. She is happy to have a 3.99 version to alternate with her 16.00 one. It can be hard to give up high end, but saving money is nice too. Compromise, maybe ?

So it's good stuff and it's very inexpensive. Worth a try. Each line has styling products as well.

Here's some more info on the line from Pantene:
"The formula contains proprietary Cassia Complex and avocado, bamboo and grapeseed extracts to transform frizzy hair to a silky, smooth texture & Anionic surfactants and the Cassia polymer form the Cassia Complex, which helps protect hair against cuticle damage caused by friction . It
gently cleans hair to help remove dirt and oil, while smoothing and increasing shine"

"Pantene has unlocked the power of nature with Nature Fusion, infusing the once hidden beauty benefits of the Cassia plant into its formulas. Cassia is a naturally derived performance ingredient that helps transform hair to make it softer, shinier and stronger. The new shampoos contain an advanced Cassia Complex that creates a protective shield to leave hair naturally radiant and stronger against damage. This unique discovery of the multiple beauty benefits of the Cassia plant provides women seeking healthy hair care outstanding performance through a more natural route."

Available at drugtores now with prices starting at 3.69

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