Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sebastian Hair at Charlotte Ronson's Fall show

Ok a bit more fashion week recapping. One of my fav hair brands- Sebasatian did the hair at Charlotte Ronson. I was supposed to be backstage for this but was not well that day and didn't make it. At least I got the info on the look and products even if it's not the same as being there. Lets hope for next season.

"Sebastian Professional lead stylist, Thomas Dunkin didn't want the ponytail to look too harsh so he juxtaposed a taught sleekness over the crown of the head with a natural texture at the back half of the ponytail for an interesting exit. Thomas ironed the first third of hair pin straight and misted a shimmer complex over the top of the head to create a surface shine that dramatizes the smoothness of the hair. Once combed back to a taught ponytail, the hair on the top of the head was smoothed with a shine spray and ultra-firm holding spray to control the look"

One product he used to finish the look is Shaper Fierce. This is a super haispray that I highly recommend for strong hold. Love the stuff.

Dunkin suggests layering shine stylers to maximize sleek
definition and finishing with a firm spray for controlled hold.

Trilliant – Thermal protectant and shimmer complex to add
ultra-light body and a shiny finish

Halo Mist – UV filter weightless shine spray

Shine Define – The ultimate versatile hairspray

Shaper Fierce – Ultra-firm finishing hairspray

MAC did the makeup here and that great deep lip is Chestnut and Nightmoth lip pencils blended over lip conditioner. Lip pencil used like that makes a lip that lasts for hours and is a great trick.

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