Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fashion Week Wrap Up / Tidbits

Still trying to wade through all the info and looks from Fashion Week. Here we have a bit of a wrap up although I have a few more face and hair look posts to come.
So some observations and thoughts:

- Francois Nars, the man who is NARS cosmetics did his first runway show in 10 years for Marc Jacobs. The model with the wild but awesome green eyeshadow is on of the 65 individual looks he did. Oh to have been backstage to see that. I love this eye, ok it's not wearable in everyday life but the green shade is fab and can be used more sparingly for a great look. I love that it's paired with strong blush too. You can do both if you do it well. This whole look is very 80s, and they are coming back in a big way.

- New from MAC- A permanent Dazzleglass collection for Spring, black lipgloss for fall and the the return of Twig lipstick .

- The cute doggie is Robert Verdi's pup Lucy. The door greeter at his Lounge space. She has a big bark for a little girl and is so cute. They said they put that pillow on the floor as decor and the dog immediately took it over. Been there.

-It was hard to pinpoint definite trends, but a muted berry lip is defintely one and ahain, flawless but not overdone skin. Many shows were all about simply accentuating features, but them many did color, and a lot of it was green.

- The American Express Skybox is awesome. Christian Siriano was visiting the guests when I was there, and throughout the week many designers/celebs come through. The windows to see the shows are large and there are couches , chairs, a bar and food all provided for guests as well as a guided trip to Bergdorf Goodman and a 200 gift card for there. They also have emerging talent set up trunk shows to show their jewelry to the attendees. It's a great chance for someone not in a big store to get some exposure. Alyssa Norton had her cute pieces using old vintage jewelry in the case when I was there. Many moms and daughters come to this together which sound so fun. There were a lot of patient husbands too.

The room was designed by Jonathan Adler this year and his fun pottery pieces were set around.

I have to say that before I saw the space I wasn't really sure it was worth the money to go to it. Now that I've been in there, I can say it is totally worth it if it's in your budget. If you love fashion, you'll have a great time.

- One of my favorite looks was this knit dress from ADAM , by Adam Lippes. It's hand knit merino wool sweater coat and it's just supremely wearable.

- Ann Wintour must have privacy. At the Vena Cava show I asked to stay for the presentation and was told fine, as long as I don't come out when Anna Wintour was there. She was coming for a private showing , no extras allowed. Whatever, I was only interested in the clothes, thank you very much.


Gone to Find Myself said...

While you are scouring the world of fashion, I do the knitting.
I knit for people like you who like fashion.
Currently, I am knitting a swing coat for PA lady, black cotton pullover for Chicago lady, sweater design similar from Oscar de la Renta (Atlanta), 2 pc. sweater set from vintage from VA, mittens for a duck hunter in TN.
Just finished a pink beauty for OR lady, Fair Isle beauty for VA, Orange/red for Il. lady, and pink mittens for Symphony pianist.
Then there was Christmas. Everyone got mittens, socks, and flap ear hats, quilted runners and napkins, and Mom (84) got a digital photo holder cause she knits for a living too.
So, keep me updated please on what's new out there in the knit world. And THANKS!

Beauty Alchemist said...

having a knitting friend is a good thing. I have one in a fellow blogger/friend and she helps me out too.

Thanks for reading