Thursday, February 5, 2009

Confessions of a Beauty Addict

Blogger ( ) and former magazine beauty editor Nadine Haobsh has written a delightful new book called Confessions of a Beauty Addict.

Most people dream of someday writing a book and Nadine has realized this not once but twice. She has a non - fiction beauty book already out. This is her first foray into fiction and it was years in the making.
Confessions... follows the exploits of a disgraced top magazine beauty editor and how she re-finds herself. It's full of beauty and fashion name dropping, Manhattan sites and fun characters. It was inspired by some of Nadines's real life .

It's very much chick lit and if you like that type of book you will love this one. It's a fun, breezy read and perfect escapism.

The book contains author extras which include Nadine's own rise , fall and rise again , as well as an excerpt from her beauty guide- Beauty Confidential.

Nadine is currently on a book tour.

I don't have all the dates , but she will be in LA at Studio Fred Segal on Feb. 21st at 2PM. Stop by and say I sent you.
Confessions of a Beauty Addict is $ 13.99 at the usual outlets.

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ButterflyDiary said...

I so wanted to be at this launch but was working late. I really loved her first book.