Monday, January 14, 2013

Stila Color Balm Lipstick

Stila joins the tinted lip balm lineup with new Color Balm Lipstick. And while there may be a lot of tinted balms out there these days, personally I can't get enough and am happy to see more . I remember years ago lamenting the lack of tinted balms ,  not anymore.

Stila's is a bit different in that it's richly pigmented. Some of the tinted balms are but most are not.  The shade shown is Spicy Red- Natasha,  which applies like a full red lipstick. I love a fully tinted balm so this part is good.

There is some moisture here but not as much as I expected.  It's decent but not a lot . Enough for most days but in the coldest temps  I think it wouldn't be enough. Ingredients include castor seed,  jojoba and peppermint oils. The peppermint gives the balm  a mint scent/taste that feels very zingy.

The finish starts out with a bit of a   gloss but sets to a more semi satin look. That "set" makes for a long lasting lipstick though. After several hours and some drinking it wore down to a stain almost, color still there but not as fully.

I do love the packaging here , as each tube has a mirror on the top for on the go application. Shouldn't all lippies come with that ?And the Stila lettering color corresponds to the shade inside.

There are 18 shades from rose to red.

$22 at   and Sephora

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Beyond Blush said...

I love these, especially the shade Sonya :)